Friday, 23 March 2007

Ceramics Class

Its coming to an end again. There's the mad rush at the end of the 10 week term where people have been making and making and making but not glazing. Lots of finishing off to be done. Glazing isn't the quick dipping at the end that one might expect it to be. There are choices (albeit subject to a certain amount of chance once applied, but choices none the less). There are techniques for applying. Then there is cleaning up (bottoms must be clean with at least 4mm of clean space at the bottom of the pot as well - to allow for seeping glaze during firing - technicians are not best pleased if your pot/cup/plate/thing sticks to the kiln shelf). So its all a bit frantic for the last couple of weeks.

So the tall pot didn't come out exactly as I had hoped. Next time I might choose not to drip blue lines onto it. And the bulbous pot (which is actually shorter by far than the tall pot) was a bit of a glazing disaster - white tin was too thin, the shiny stuff is extremely shiny (on the plus side it doesn't look so much like a hospital pisspot anymore). But as it is a bit of a hit and miss process and I feel I'm just working up to the real work, it doesn't really matter!

flickr ceramics class set

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