Saturday, 10 March 2007


In the pound shop a girl sticks out her chest so the man behind the counter can grab her breast with his long-armed-grabber. They collapse in laughter when he is successful. A form of extreme flirtation perhaps.

Boys run for the bus trying not to spill their open drinks. First they're on the outside of the railings and then transfer to the safe side. They miss the bus though.

Some driver agreived by the bus driver pulling out infront of him, manages to overtake and proceeds to drive very slowly infront of the bus as a protest. At the next stop he pulls in, jumps out and runs up to give the bus driver a piece of his mind.

Two stops long a youth jumps onto the bus screaming to the driver to get out of his cab, punches the glass divide repeatedly. Two girls with him drag him off the bus by the neck telling him he's soooo stupid.

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