Thursday, 18 January 2007

The Snippet of Reception

Waiting for the First Capital Connect train, on the platform next to the Victoria Line at Highbury and Islington, my phone suddenly rings. Suprised (seeing as I'm underground and mobiles don't work underground), I answer. Hello, I whisper, worried that underground big brother staff may see me and send out a message over the tannoy along the lines of can the woman wearing the red and black coat please switch off her mobile phone (they aren't above such things - I've heard them in the past chastising smokers wandering through the tunnels). I'm on the underground, I don't know how I have reception. Its hard trying to explain and whisper. And then suddenly the three little bars are gone and the phone says no service again as usual.

I might try again tomorrow. Standing next to the emergency stretchers on the WAGN platform going south to Moorgate.

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