Tuesday, 30 January 2007

On the Road Again

Weekend was all about a suprise party in Scotland. Someone let slip that the party was happening and so it wasn't really a suprise anymore. We could only get a flight. Flight cost £0.00 but the tax and booking fee came to £45 a piece (how can you figure the tax on nothing to be anything more than nothing? Don't they remember that if you times nothing by a number the answer is nothing? Anyway...).

We got the tube to Heathrow, hung around the airport, had my glasses cleaner confiscated (a container bigger than 100ml). Flight took hour and fifteen minutes. Then had to catch a bus to Waverley train station, caught a train to Dundee. Arrived at the party. Partied for 4 hours. Stayed over. And did it all in reverse the next day to come home.

Knackered. Feel like I've been in a state of perpectual motion.

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