Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Its a mystery...

With this subtitle I keep getting the strains of a song by Shakespear's Sister with all its gothic shrieking (ode to Kate Bush) in one line, "its a mystery...its a mystery". I can't remember anything else of the song but it seems fitting.

This is a community blog event. No rules as such but much linking necessary. Chance to find new blogs etc etc. My contribution may be briefer than most but I'm not in a terribly verbose state of mind right now (as you may tell from the brief posts of late)! (Answers gratefully received).

  1. Why is it that grey hairs break off and leave annoying obvious wirey stray specimens exactly where they really show?
  2. How come you feel so cold when you're burning up with a fever?
  3. Why can you wait for half an hour for a bus and then 3 turn up at once. And continuing the public transport mystery - why when you have loads of time do you get a driver who is a formula one maniac and when you're late he's a snail?

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