Saturday, 5 August 2006

London Alphabet
C is for Crowds

As a city dweller the bustle of life is just a part of it. Millions moving across the city in the general direction of the middle converge onto transport and streets in determined and purposeful fashion. Rush hour(s). Weekends bring the crowds of shoppers enjoying their leisure spending hard earned cash in droves. Oxford Street a big magnet where at least on the pavements there is a general flow left or right, with a slip stream for overtaking in the gutter. Wood Green on the other hand suffers from out-of-town crowding where groups splay out across the street with no decernable direction, mass shuffle. Trying to get somewhere involves movement akin to a pinball, bouncing off the sides, zigzagging along. Summer brings it out even more as we attempt to soak in the rays on little patches of green (doesn't matter if it isn't real grass) staking out our patch in the crowd. But in a city this big it is inevitable. Makes me long for holidays where I can be alone though!

A is for architecture
B is for Bridges

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