Wednesday, 9 August 2006


I've been tagged. In the old skool sense of the word, running around the playground trying to get the slightest touch on someone else in order to pass IT on, rather than the modern sense of the word of having some graffiti name scrawled across me hundreds of times in indelible marker or scratched onto me with a glass cutter.

So anyway, its a Panty Party. I'm tempted to anglicise it and make it Knickers Party or Pants Party (so that boys can join in) or just give it its most appropriate title: Show Us Your Knickers. Its a meme. This'll be the first meme I've ever participated in. Wooo. Since I was bemoaning the fact, not so long ago, that the community was slowly seeping out of the blogosphere I reckoned this time I should join in, especially after being made it.

So while this kind of post should probably feature the titilating frilly fancies made of two triangles tied together on a string, I am much more of a full pant kind of girl. Although somewhat more structured than those that I was last seen wearing outside (see below).

I give you: me and Ronald McDonald (cousin K will notice she has been sliced out of this picture - only for her own continued anonymity) sporting a rather lovely, but baggy, pair of yellow ones and a fetching pair of pantaloons which quite rightly match the frock and respectably only show the lower calf. Not for me the public displays my sister was prone to when tucking her vest into her favoured nylon picture pants (also below).

I could see this carrying on and on. Perhaps a stroll about town on Saturday to capture some fleeting glimpses but we shall see. And then, I've no idea who would be appropriate to

Here's how it works.
  1. Copy the entire text of this post (the part shown in italics) and post in your blog. Reminder: don't copy photos.

  2. Add your name and link to the Panty Meme Participants list below.

  3. Post a picture of panties. It's fun if you post a picture of your own panties, but it does not have to be. And BTW you don't need to be wearing them, but it's your blog you can do what you like.

  4. Tag two people and change out the names below. That's it. Have fun.

1. Tara
2. dave

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Gingerbread latte
Martiza Jump in the Ocean
Ellie Sex in the Smoke
Harriet In the Aquarium

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