Tuesday, 21 February 2006

The Humble Toothbrush

When exactly did the world of the toothbrush get so complicated? Remember when the choice was between big or small head, hard or soft bristles, and you changed it when the hairs bent over?

Bails proudly presented her new brush - the head configuration was three interlocking circles of bristles, each with the obligatory outer blue ring of wear-indicating bristles, and small gum-massaging rubber nodes, plus on the otherside a tongue brush which could be tested before purchase by stroking a patch on the outside of the packet (presumably a finger-test rather than a live tongue-test) and an ergonomic handle with grip. She said it took her ages to pick one out. I use electric because it also times me for the optimum brushing length. I'm assuming all this has improved our dental hygiene.

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