Thursday, 16 February 2006

Favourite London Places

On a stroll the other day we cut through Broadgate from Finsbury Square on our way to Spitalfields. There's a place there just before you get to the arena (ice-skating in winter, cloaked in ivy in summer) which has a floor like a video game. I first saw it in blue on my way home one evening, it was dark and I came through there quite by accident and found it. Its one of those suprises that I love. The other day it was fading to and from red as the commuters swarmed diagonally across on their way to Liverpool street station. On the far side the George Segal's Rush Hour capturing a mimickry of them forever in bronze.

I first came here when I was at college because they have a Richard Serra sculpture here nestled between tall buildings, gradually becoming more and more rust to match with the pinky marble. I photographed it for my degree dissertation, as someone passed by they said to me, "you don't actually like that do you?" Well actually I do, I love the fact that these huge pieces of steel lean against one another and hold themselves up. Brutal but clever.

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