Saturday, 25 February 2006

Fruits of my labours
A post for pops

The sun is out, the sky is blue (dear prudence) I had to go out in the garden and clean up after the fox who had obviously eaten pigeon for dinner. Don't know exactly what happens but all that is left are a couple of wing feathers joined together and a whole heap of fluffy inner feathers, the rest - skeleton, feet, beak, everything - is gone. That'll be twice I've had to do that now. Then I filled up the bird feeders, which got me a bit conflicted (we feed the birds knowing there is a fox who eats them, well the big ones amongst them).

While I was out there I took joy at the signs of spring - everything spurting new growth and the bulbs planted last autumn coming up, so I'm following the gardening fraternity and posting some pictures. Pops has been away for almost half a year now and is likely to miss the spring bulbs. So here they are.

He'll also miss the christmas cactus' best ever display - all six laiden with flowers.

I feel like my grandad. He used to make us sit through slide shows of plants from his trips to South Africa. Well, intermingled with relatives, which we didn't mind watching. It was just he did so like the plants, and the pictures were just so, um, boring, and he did have absolute control of the slide projector so he could tell you all about each shot. So, just in case this is really really boring you, I'll try not to do it again! Its just that almost anything is more interesting at the moment than 'do we need a curriculum for lifelong learning' which I'm going back to the minute I click publish.

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