Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Sharing the Street

There are people who are instantly memorable despite the fact that you can't tie them to a particular activity or venue and I mention this only because there are people you remember easily due to the fact you see them frequently at the train station or you buy a newspaper from them on a Saturday.

At Euston this evening I saw a man who I remember from some non-specific passing at some non-definable time. A short man, very little, could be Italian, could be Romany. Keen on the zipped sweater style jacket (more cardigan actually - leather patches on the front). Small pork pie hat. Slight disability - one short leg that he compensates for by walking on tip toe on one side, rather than wearing a stacked shoe.

Don't remember when or where but I've seen him before. Bet he doesn't remember me though. Probably didn't even see me!

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