Thursday, 30 September 2004

The Tony Robinson Fanclub

I've just been to my works leaving do. They always call it a DO. But really its a couple of rounds in the pub, what would usually be called a Drink. The one major difference is the present and card giving and the propensity for speeches. Luckily there were no speeches. Not from me nor from colleagues. None of that sadly missed stuff. They gave me a great gift - which was a lovely surprise. And since it was on Thursday rather than a non-work night we missed some of those who I didn't mind if they didn't come if you know what I mean. When all but the three women I work closest with left we went for a Thai Curry. Perfect way to say goodbye to a work place. Oh, and the crew from Location Location Location were there - the chap Phil walked in and cos someone said he was coming we were all watching him (tres uncool, tres sad of us) and he was prompted to say hello because of us staring - how terribly annoyingly celebrity struck we must have come across. Its not true though, we weren't. We're Londoners, celebs are 10 a penny. OK?

I used to wish that work places would miss you bitterly when you had gone, rue the day they let you get away but the reality has always been that once you take your finger out of the pond nobody would ever know you had been there, a seamless transition to you not being there to whatever comes after.

So on the way to the bus stop I was talking to Bails about what had been going on. She was watching the programme about the Peasants Revolting that was being narrated by Tony Robinson. We like Tony Robinson. And if there isn't one already we thought we should start a fan club.

I first liked him in the children's tv programme about Fat Tulip. Camera work was all in the grass and something about the voice and the story telling just got me hooked.
Surreal, frenetic, semi-improvised short stories for kids told with almost psychopathic conviction by one-time alternative comedian and actor TONY ROBINSON. No animation, no illustrations - he just wandered around a deserted house and garden haranguing the camera with tales of short, corpulent Fat Tulip and neighbour Thin Tim. Other characters included two long-suffering frogs called Ernie and Sylve, an heroic tortoise called Lewis Collins and a little white shell called Jim Morrison. Even more bizarre than it sounds.
from TV Cream

Then there was Baldrick, in Blackadder. And of course Time Team. Now The Peasants Revolt as part of the World's Worst Century series.

Its something about his enthusiasm, gusto and love of being filthy. So Bails and me, we are the first two members of the Tony Robinson fanclub. Wanna join?

Visit The Fat Tulip Website - here.

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Faye Miller said...

Hi there,
If you're a former viewer of Fat Tulip's Garden by Tony you might like to contribute to this project: thanks!