Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Show Us Your Skyline

So I just happened to have this picture I took with my phone of a fantastic sunset when it looked like there was fire on the top of my street.

Its a North London street in that typical Victorian terrace manner with trees lining both sides, in an neighbourhood built on a hill which somehow gives a bigger view of the sky at times. The trees are a mixture of plain trees and something with very sticky sap that drips all through the summer. The council massacres them every 3-4 years so they get taller but never have much in the way of full grown canapy. The plain plane tree outside our house fell over a year or so ago so many of its fellow plain's have been chopped out, some of them have been replaced by new trees (we have one with blossoms and red berries) but some of them have made way for little patches for dog's to poo in. Taken at sunset in autumn so that the dusk was falling already.

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Update on the participants
First seen at Blue Witch who got it from LaP of Santiago Dreaming.

UPDATE: slightly larger at the request of drD

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