Monday, 29 December 2003

Dundee Blogs

While I was in Dundee I spent a little time researching blogs from Dundee (as much time as I thought would be fair on someone elses internet connection). I was looking for something that was very Scottish. That gave me a sense of place.

Firstly, none of the blog listings sites goes as far as listing by city, apart from one which did put spots on a map (can't re-find it to link to it sadly. Then found a short listing by David Dundee. Also checked the Scottish Webring.

The Dundee Blog - a sort of local newspaper-esq blog. Home of the human interest story. Devoid of opinion.

Ali Colville - he's a techie student. Its a sort of boysy site if you know what I mean. It does have a brief about Dundee section, and an around Dundee photo section - I don't think they are largely his photos though. They come mostly from the photogallery of Skypilot (by a man named Donald). So although the posts were not particularly of Dundee there was lots of Dundee stuff around.

Blethers - a Dundonian living in Paris. Linky and techie.

Duck Dodgers - I really liked the post on 30-12-2003. Its a slightly confusing layout - I can't seem to find a way to display all the postings at once so you have to click through the dates to read the posts.

Liz Moser - very personal journal in the style of a diary. One of those under the bed sticker laiden ones. Does have a section of links about Dundee.

Allan McIntyre - dance student from Dundee who is now studying at the Laban in Deptford. Gushy, enthusiastic dance student.

Did find one blog that I really liked, but it isn't from Dundee. But I really did like it. Yeah but is it art?

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