Sunday, 1 August 2010

Kids Films

In the last two weeks I've seen a number of films that are Us or PGs.

Toy Story 3 in both 2d and 3d - it was good, all of them have been. I came late to the joys of Toy Story but am fully converted. The niece and nephew loved it.

Space Chimps 2 - the only saving grace of this rubbish was that it was only 95p to see it on saturday morning. Absolute crap otherwise.

Karate Kid - they've done a good job of this remake. Liked it a lot. And Jadan Smith - is he ever going to be hot as an adult.

Monsters Inc on dvd - loving the movie. I remember at the time they talked a lot about the animation of fur and hair being ground breaking - it featured a lot.

Coraline  on dvd- neice desperate to watch it even though her friends found it really scary. She scared herself more than I believe the film scared her.

The Incredibles on dvd - loving this movie, neice and nephew are still a little young to understand it well enough. Great though.


secret said...

I cant beleive your comments on Nadal of course you must fancy him as you have some fettice with his arse or mens arses.

Harriet said...

No, not fancying him but noticing a bad habit he has!