Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Walking by the Jolly Butchers
  • turquoise soles and turquoise socks
  • three screaming faces on a teeshirt
  • purple cap
  • yellow bicycle tyre rims
  • fat man turns and runs back
  • wrist plaster cast, blue outer layer
  • cowboy boot strut
  • pink teeshirt and purple trousers
  • panama hat at the bus stop
  • beige old man
  • man in espadrilles
  • necklace of large multicoloured sequins
  • giant man, white hair, red suede loafers
  • long blond barbie hair down to the arse
  • tie dye teeshirt and mauve hareem pants
  • long male ginger hair
  • leopard print tights
  • toddler in a lime green shirt with a mobile phone clamped to his ear
  • shirt with orange satin ruffle
  • white dress very low cut back, green knicker elastic showing, tattoos, necklace made of giant buttons
  • long yellow skateboard
  • white trousers, red belt, tarten trilby
  • musicians pass in opposite directions - one pair guitar and keyboard, other pair symbols and violin
  • recumbant bike
  • scruffy crusty dreadlocks down to back of knees


Jennifer Morrison said...

Love this splash of images! 

scottsabode said...

Sounds like you're in Camden Town!

harriet said...

Stoke Newington!

Peter said...

I particularly like the "three screaming faces" on a teeshirt.