Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfiend was looking for a pair of jeans to replace the ones that had worn out. Many pairs seemed to be designed with the right kind of styling and made in the particular shade of denim. Pairs were taken into the changing rooms. Coming out he was tugging at the belt loops saying they don't come up high enough. Look at my pants coming over the top, flinging his shirt up and displaying a good 6 inches of boxer over the top of the low-slung jeans. They're made to be that way I said. But they don't come up enough to keep my tummy warm. Looking round for inspiration I struck upon the shop assistants - jeans seem to be made this way at the moment I said pointing out the way their's were hanging off, paired with long teeshirts. Perhaps you need lower slung pants. (There was a section of Calvin Kleins that would have suited). It appears that all the jean styles now have a low rise with a belt-position just above the penis (has been a fashion for some time) but don't require the wearer to have the crotch hanging down to their knees (although there are still fans of this way of wearing jeans - belt hoops under the buttocks rather than over them). Finally pursuaded a pair purchased.

Later he is debating whether to take them back - finding it difficult to get used to the low-slung feel. Search for the perfect jean will go on.

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