Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Living in the Moment

Having worked for 15 years I feel that I have become an observer of the moment as opposed to living in the moment. In snatched moments during lunch I watch other people living the moments of their lives - a young couple snog on a bench. Remember the warmth and wetness of another's lips, probing tongue that excites the sexual, exchange of bodily heat and physical emotion. I remember it but don't feel it that often anymore. Its a new lovers experience. 3 dancers work out the choreography for a performance, testing out the movements, making sure they are sashaying the same way, thrusting hips in the right direction, counting steps... and dip, dip. A beautiful quivering whippet watches, as do a passing throng of painters and decorations - tanned necks, paint daubed clothes, smoking and joking.

A dance track comes on in the cafe - one of those phat tunes with a swell of bass and repetitive melody that reverberate in the body - stimulating the synapses. This was music of living in the moment - when we would dance all night at a whim, seek out excitement and experiences that became the stories of youth. Bogged down in the domestic I find myself yearning for excitement, stimulus and emotional reaction.

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robert said...

Surely interesting "word-pictures" that you do create. A deep bow in respect for that. Please have a nice Wednesday.

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