Thursday, 20 May 2010


Sitting in the hut place in Potter's Fields eating lunch and admiring the gardens designed by Piet Oudolf (like the drifts of plants, mixtures of grasses - its very tranquil and quite unlike normal municipal planting).

An attentive golden labrador loves to play fetch. The owner stands texting, the dog runs and gets the ball, brings it back, drops it at the owner's feet and waits expectantly watching the ball intently. Eventually the dog nudges the ball with his nose, closer to the owner's feet. Finally the owner kicks the ball, without looking. It doesn't go as far but the dog doesn't care. He fetches it, brings it back, drops it...Again, and again. Untiringly. Until the owner moves on.


drD said...

Thanks for the Piet Oudolf link. I didn't know about Potters Fields. Beautiful landscaping - must check out his books.

Harriet said...

I was interested becuase it is modern enough to fit in with the office landscape there.