Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Barcelona Newcastle

So instead of going to Barcelona we decided to meet between Dundee and London in Newcastle. We booked a decent hotel and trains and travelled up. On arrival we walked across town to our hotel, which was dark, purple and velvety inside, something that would fit nicely in a vampire hooker movie. From Dusk til Dawn springs to mind. We did have a view onto the Gateshead Millenium Bridge from our room though.

We ate tapas, looked at architecture and walked by the river pretending we were in Barcelona. On the first afternoon it was hot enough. Next day was grey and. Made the pretence more difficult. My favourite thing is the multiple levels created by the hills and bridges.


Jed said...

Before going to Leicester, FRD studied in Newcastle. Pics make it look most enticing. Glad you had some celebration after all.

harriet said...

It was an interesting city but small and overwhelming number of bars - clearly a very big drinking culture. Did love all the bridges.