Saturday, 15 May 2010

Baby Bird

All the baby sparrows are out for the first time today. Little, fluffy and grey they are sitting in the lilac tree trying to not draw attention to themselves. Little, nervous bundles that are not quite able to fly with confidence. Every once and a while they pluck up courage to try the flying thing and get flustered when they can't quite find a landing.


Deepak said...

Hi Harriet...I really enjoyed reading you blog. I'm travelling to London in search of work.And I needed a commoner's view of London and I think I found that in ur blog..not linked to any particular theme..not biased nor critical of everything...taking ur surrondings of London as it comes.Hope to make acquaintance with you.ciao    -Regards Deepak

Jed said...

Should have checked your blog with E&K to see these pics of the fledglings. Must remember to remind them to check it. E concerned that your blog might elicit undue attention.

Harriet said...

It hardly elicits any attention at all any more!! And certainly nothing undue!