Thursday, 23 August 2007

Tower Bridge

We waited ages. I think the bridge opened. As we got going. again I spotted dave's van again - london calling - second time I've seen it.

Then I noticed for the first time (despite going past several times already) that the caretaker's house of Tower Bridge Primary School has a large glitter ball hanging over a bamboo - its lovely, sparkly and reflective.

On the bridge is tourist heaven. Every inch a photo opportunity. A Japanese woman stands nervously with one foot on either bascule. A family of 7 squeezes up to the side leaning out slightly so the photographer can get them and the bridge towers into the frame.

Intermingled with the tourists are the commuters, trying to get home from Tower Hill station. A sloany woman and her friend (pleated skirt, big scarf) dodge a couple of men jogging - men who could be rugby players.

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