Monday, 20 August 2007


My garden has a shed. Delapidated. Its one of those typical sheds - overlapping boards that are rotting away with the wet weather. Its leaning - away from the doorway. But it provides useful storage for outside furniture and stuff. I've been looking around to buy a replacement one (can't afford it just yet). I've been thinking it can't be that hard to build one to your own plans with materials that you find around and about. It might not be a hit with the neighbours but it'd be unique. It could have a corrigated roof, panels of metal, walls of chipboard and painted on an annual basis.

My mind is going back to the wacky neighbour of my grandparents - Willy Gunn, didn't speak much but had a niave approach to fencing and its colour. Woven willow fencing. Painted annually with pale and interesting shades. My aunt went into his house once - after he died - his walls were covered with murals.

Presumably it needs a frame and then cladding.

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