Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Pssst! In all the searching I've been doing I've discovered an underground geek clique. They call themselves shedders. They have forums. And sheds.

Allotment shed aesthetics (in the loosest possible sense)
Allotment shed by Architectural Collaborative
REAL Estate
Sheds in snow photo
Small shed top shelf
Reader's wivessheds
Ericka Kinnear - shed paintings

Anyway, here's my shed

Its rotting from the bottom up! I feel like I've ventured into male territory (unnatural amounts of concern with inanimate objects - like trains). I'm sort of at a slight loss to know what to do next. I've found shiplap boards for sale at Wicks. But I don't know exactly what to do to correct its slight lean away from the door. I'm not sure hitting it with a hammer will help, unless its planned properly.

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