Wednesday, 13 June 2007


We accidentally found ourselves in the crowd of the premier of the Fantastic Four. 4 podiums of gymnasts in sliver outfits - one hula hooper, one with a long ribbon, one pair balancing the woman over his head.

Lots of saddo celebrity spotters excitedly crammed up against the press enclosures. Minor league Eastender actors, Harvey from So Solid Crew and his sister, and lower division footballers. Girls scream the names of people they want the autographs of. Next to us a group of boys compare their Jessica [Alba] photos and discuss their strategy for getting better ones when they come out.

Every once in a while someone big(ish) signs a lot of autographs and presses the palms of the screaming masses and poses for the occasional picture head to head with the fans until their publicist moves them on with a strong hand to the lower back, directing them to the TV Interviewers.

We saw the one from the Shield who plays the big stone fantastic four character, and the redhead from Harry Potter (desperately in need of a haircut), Reggie from kids TV. As you can tell I'd make a terrible celebrity spotter - I'd make a terrible 3am girl because while I might recognise someone I can rarely put a name to their face. Unless they are really famous.

we left after finishing our ice cream wondering about the lives of these people who spend their time star struck and screaming, desperate to touch the people they watch on TV, as this somehow affirms their own reality.

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