Friday, 22 June 2007

Ceramics Class

Last week we couldn't unload the raku kiln because we ran out of time. This week we got to see the things that were left in. Some of the glazes were amazing but I have decided this is the ugly term. Somehow everything that I make this term has turned out ugly and or weird in some way.

So there's a thing that looks a bit like a bowel or a turd from certain angles, and the sister of Ugly Pot - a wet slab built thing that won't hold water. Still the glazes I tried out returned all manner of results, the difficulty always comes when you think you'd like to do something again.

10 minute exercise this week was based on the instructions issued to makers for Anthony Gormley's field. Make a figure. It has to be hand-sized and easy to hold, have deep eyes and be able to stand unaided. 10 minutes to make as many as possible.

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