Friday, 13 April 2007

Varanasi to Agra

Train journey. 3rd class night train. 3 bunks, narrower than 2nd class. More tourists. Well prepared Germans with sleeping sheets, chains and padlocks to lock up their rucksacks, torches on headbands for reading in bed.

Chimneys from brick making. Pits where the clay has been dug from the earth. Piles of bricks stacked up neatly after firing.

Small groups of buildings close togehter with old men sleeping outside on strung beds under the shade of trees. Cow sheds, children, goats, chickens. People washing at water pumps.

As light fades we pass a shrine on the side of the road, a candle burning. 3 cows graze nearby and a man in pale blue robes walks away.

In the morning agricultural land slips past the window. People integral to the landscape.

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