Friday, 13 April 2007

Taj Mahal

While I could take it or leave it, Amy's one must-see for the trip was the Taj. I was unprepared for the actual beauty of the building in real life - its such a famous image, exploited for all its symbolism by Diana, Princess of Wales. It was almost as though it didn't need looking at because it is already so well known.

However, it is a truly beautiful tomb. The whitest marble, opaqly translucent inlaid with semi-precious stones in floral designs remarkable in their realism and recognisable as particular species - lillies, poppies, lotus flowers and honeysuckle.

The site was being visited by many Indian tourists - visiting the north from the south (its cooler there - but its all relative when its 43 degrees). A family wanted to have their picture taken with us. Strange to be so strange.

Flickr photo stream - more pictures or to have a closer look.

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