Saturday, 3 February 2007


I first saw it hiding under the skirting board when I was sanding four months ago. I vaccumed under there carefully hoping to suck it up. Today it ran into the middle of the rug before I saw it. Its grown. Huge. (Not in turrantula proportions, you understand, but big for a british house spider). I froze. It froze. I looked round for something to catch him in. I considered pouring the water out of the nearby glass through a gap in the floorboards. I finally spied a box, emptied it, and like lightening slapped it over the top of the spider, clapping a cd against a hole on one side. Phew. A box is harder to slide a paper under though. I slid last week's weekend magazine under, it mostly fitted and daringly flipped the box right way up closing the lid as the spider ran into a corner. Spider nightmares (mostly that they'll run up my arm). I released it to the outdoors where he promptly headed for the ventilation vent under the building. Nightmare. I fully expect to have to catch him again.

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