Friday, 9 June 2006

The Weather is Hot

One shoulder is peeling. I fully expect the other one to join in judging by the texture of its skin. Remember peeling? Used to be a sign of an excellent summer holiday. Together with a prominent cross of white skin on your back from your speedo cross-over swimsuit (before we reached bikini wearing age, which was before the preferred all-over tan with no lines at all). I stupidly sat outside last weekend enjoying my breakfast in the sun and was burnt before I knew it.

Today its hot. Not as bad as yesterday when it was also strangely still. The heat felt sort of physical - touching you, while today with a better breeze blowing it doesn't. On my way back from lunch I picked up an icepole for everyone in the office. Remember them? They used to be in better 'flavours' (I use flavours in the loosest sense of the word, what it really equated to was colour) - my preference was always for the red or dark purple ones - better colouration of the tongue, today there weren't even any blue or illuminous green ones. And I've discovered that with age I'm much less keen on grinding the plastic open with my teeth. Good for cooling down though.

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