Wednesday, 28 June 2006


A stinky man sat down next to me, despite there being plenty of empty space, which seemed odd to me. He had a big bag which he arranged on his lap and then did that thing that pickpockets do where they stretch their arm across their chest under their jacket so its hidden as it slides into your bag or pocket. Becoming outraged at this I told him to move somewhere else because I didn't want him trying to pickpocket me.

Pickpocket must have pricked up the ears of a man a bit further back who stood up and said loudly, "are you alright, love, is he trying to dip into your bag?", to which I replied, "he's trying to pick my pocket".
"Oi mate", he says, "I think you ought to move now." Pickpocket man refused. So I stood up, but he wouldn't move his legs. The woman sitting in front of me turned and told him to move out of the way. I squeezed past.
"Hey everyone! This man is a pickpocket," the loud man announced to the bus. I went downstairs for some refuge. Upstairs the furore carried on for a while. Pickpocket man came downstairs at Manor House and got off the bus.

The most notorious route for pickpocketing in my neighbourhood is the 29, particuarly between Finsbury Park and Wood Green. It doesn't help that the bus is a bendy one and there are always lots of people standing. Almost every time you ride it there is someone dipping pockets.

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