Thursday, 1 June 2006


It was my birthday recently and the boyfiend bought me a rather marvellous interactive electronic board game of Dr Who, complete with a battery operated tardis (flashing blue light and ominous sounding instructions) and lots of miniature daleks, which incidentally I haven't had an opportunity to play yet. It reminds me of the pre-video game era when really up-to-the-minute board games had some kind of electronic gagetry included (remember late 70s and early 80s really good games like Operation or Simon - online version - they were the business). He also bought me a Dr Who Sticker Collection. Another blast from the past. The only disappointing thing is that I suddenly started getting duplicates of the stickers and had forgotten that part of the joy of a sticker collection is the bit where you swop with the kids at school. I'm 36. I'm not at school. I don't have any kids. So if anyone out there is collecting and would like to do some swops - I've got:
2 x 27
2 x 125
What've you got?

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