Saturday, 12 November 2005

Spot the Difference

If anyone has the Guardian today, they might be interested in an article in the Weekend called I am a camera which is spreading the word about moblogs. If you look closely at the pictures they have printed, selected I assume from moblogs across the blogosphere, there's a picture which seemed awfully familiar to me of Rachel Whiteread's installation at the Tate Modern. Compare the picture in your paper with the picture that appeared on my moblog. Its a bit cropped from the top, but I think its the same. Can't check that though because they fail to credit, which I think is somewhat naughty and not in the spirit of blogging.

Here's a link found by Diamond Geezer (I'm trying to stop being so link-shy) about the article. And then because the middle column has been left out I've photographed it myself:

And here's the picture I took:

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