Thursday, 3 November 2005

South to North: a journey

In the dark on the exposed platform by the station master's door, a little girl no more than 2 feet tall does a shimmy to the music playing in her head. A bit of side to side head action and a little bit of twist going down. Her dad watches for the train.

An estate agent does his patter to a non-plussed man with a record bag over his shoulder in an empty first floor apartment of a newly built block.

A fat blond labrador tied to a bicycle rack outside a corner shop barks excitedly when he catches sight of his owner turning into an aisle inside.

Through a pub window the warm golden glow of light spills out into the dark. Framed in the light a man reads a paper spread out on the table in front of him, slowly smoking a cigarette. The most enourmous spiny cactus on the windowsill beside him.

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