Friday, 25 November 2005

Homeward Bound

"If I had to pick the ultimate cute guy I've met since September, its got to be Theo."
"Too cute, just too cute, yeah."

There's a man on the platform who's wearing geoffy trousers. His bum is small and his front pockets bulge out on both sides from being stuffed too full. Geoff used to dart about, always late, his pocket bulges rolling over his legs from side to side.

"I love the way Matt gets his hand when he laughs and sort of hides his mouth, like he's embarrassed."
"Yes, I love that!"

Two boys bet on. Baggy jeans, cap with graffiti-style writing which still has the label handing off it in the middle. Drinking stella in tins. Their pitbull shivering in the corner.

"The whole situations with Eric. I don't know what's going to happen. I just wish we could be friends but perhaps that's not possible."

The man wiht geoffy trousers has detailed plans to be in, eating curry and watching Damon Albarn (the one out of the Gorillaz that should be a watch) on Jonathan Ross.

"Patrick..God yes, he looks hot every day."

Two men discuss the train trouble this week, leaves and cold frost slicks. Unbelievable. The trains can't run in any adverse conditions.

"I don't know where I'm going to stay that night. Maybe Nick's house, or Fyn's. Dunno. Maybe if Sara's parents are going away we could all go and stay there..."

Arriving at London Bridge, the doors open and I leave behind the school girl's discussion. Sixth formers I reckon. Probably Dulwich Conseratoire, or something. Last of South London for another week and head off for my weekend in North London.

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