Saturday, 13 January 2007

Curly Mop Connection

We can confirm from his antics on celebrity big brother that Leo Sayer is ever so slightly deluded and a somewhat demanding diva. We were also privvie to a previously unseen side of his personality - sweary Leo (although it has to be said that while prolific it wasn't always executed correctly, with some mix ups between which cusses go together and how). I saw his fellow once-curly mop headed contemporary Wayne Sleep speaking about his antics on big bro's big mouth. Anyway, enough of such base pulp TV.

Onto the connection. I used to be a really big fan of John Curry (I was 6 when he won gold at the olympics). I was taken, as a big treat, to see him skate in one of those on-ice shows (I haven't a good memory of it but it might have been at a theatre rather than in an ice rink - we sat in banked rows and watched him like at a theatre). But I couldn't recognise him because he had recently had his hair cut. His mop of curly black hair all gone. Presumably, it was the only feature of his I obviously recognised at the time. Wayne Sleep did a parody of John Curry on TV around the time - sliding across a floor bum stuck out in that way male figure skaters tend to do (and other curly haired celebs, like, John McEnroe).

That hair was a fashion statement at the time. I had a cousin who had a rather amazing curly afro perm - we were sent a fabulous picture of him in a dark blue suit with a white shirt under. Shirt collars outside the jacket lapels, both of which almost reached off his shoulders. Ahh, the crazy 70s.

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