Friday, 28 April 2006

Cheese on Toast

I've just discovered from Diamond Geezer that Thursday was National Cheese on Toast Day. I think it was real based on the fact that some other people wrote about it and that it has its own website. Anyway I had no idea but I do make rather good cheese on toast (so I've been told, honestly its true) and thought I'd share how I do it, so we can avoid those feeble attempts that I have sometimes been served (the worst example being a piece of toast with grated cheese on top - I presume they hoped that the heat of the toast would melt the cheese).

So, on to the method.
  1. Bread - I prefer bread that requires slicing, something with grain and seeds in, sliced medium to thick.
  2. Toast one side under the grill
  3. Turn it over, spread with mayonnaise (or butter if you can't stand mayo) and some whole grain mustard. Lay slices of cheese across the whole bread surface - not too thick. Sprinkle thyme over it and black pepper to taste.
  4. Stick it back under the grill and leave it until the cheese bubbles and goes slightly browned on the edges.
  5. Meanwhile slice cherry tomatoes in half, ready for when the toast comes off the grill, put them on in roughly the right number to get one tomato with every bite.
  6. Polish it off and go for another round.
One day I might tell you the recipe for the best scrambled eggs (from a New Yorker friend of Pops).

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