Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sidebar sorrows

So now its righthanded rather than on the left hand side (don't know why I prefer it so much being on the left (perhaps I read it more becuase it comes first) I checked through the links to other blogs - both the further reading and haitus sections.

Sadly some of those in the haitus section have deleted what was left of their blogs. I prefer to leave the old archives there because when I've read something for a while it seems like erasing someone to get rid of the link completely. Its sort of like address books - even though I may have lost touch with those whose numbers I have I don't like to chuck them out. Eventually the numbers are totally wrong and there is no way to be back in touch - too many moves, too many changes of numbers. Properly lost touch. It becomes a historical document of all those who you have known at some point. Much like this I've left the names of some of these blogs there to remind me who I used to read - there are some that I went to daily, who I met in real life. I'm not quite ready to erase them from my memory yet. (You can probably tell I am a hoarder by nature).

Happily a couple have stopped being on haitus. So that's nice.


diamond geezer said...

It's a shame that the hiatus list is now so much longer than the "further reading" list.

But I'm cheered that so many of us are still writing - I'd rather read a blogpost than a tweet any day.

Harriet (the fshlady) said...

Or trawl around Facebook!

Jennifer said...

I love the metaphor of the old address book. Reminds me of how my mom used to say, "you write the names in pen, and the addresses in pencil."

Harriet (the fshlady) said...

That's very good advice - my mother never told me that!

Blue Witch said...

And I thought it was only me who did that with address books and bloglinks :)