Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Season (to be jolly)

So, having endured the onslaught since August by turning a blind eye (don't believe in even mentioning it until well after Halloween), my mind has finally turned to christmas with the current freezing weather and plans afoot. I made mincemeat for mince pies last weekend, the fruit for cake is soaking, to be made tomorrow, there will be goose (!?!) for dinner. The last time (and incidentally the only time) I cooked goose was one christmas at Georgia's. They cracked open the sparkly wine before getting the dinner in the oven. As the bottles stacked up someone had to take charge, otherwise we probably wouldn't have had any dinner at all. That time we just bunged it into the oven with all the usual stuff. This time I've been looking up recipes and advice. Apple sauce, or quince compote, and some kind of apple stuffing, it seems may be the thing. (Would you believe I'm a vegetarian? I've been practicing cooking poultry so it doesn't dry out all year - start it sitting on its breast - and I'm not sure if that's necessary with a goose.)

Haven't done any shopping yet though. Did pass through Oxford Street once and hardly dared get off the bus the crowds were so huge.


scottsabode said...

Wow - you make your own mincemeat, that's hardcore.

harriet said...

Its easy and tastes better - just bung a load of things in a jar and leave them for a month.

Blue Witch said...

I think the secret of goose is to cook it on a rack.

*sniggers at the idea of one veg telling another veg how to cook meat ;)*

(as St Delia says:

Blue Witch said...

Oh, and, while I appreciated your writing that word in small font, I do need to point out that its correct name is the FOTCR™ :)