Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Bus driver says might as well transfer to the bus behind we'll be here a while. 150 passengers file off the bus unsure of their likelihood of a squeeze onto a following bus due to the overcrowding from the tube strike. A militant italian cyclist was trying to get his bike half on the bus to stop the driver absconding while he called the police. A fellow passenger told me he was claiming the bus driver nearly ran him off the road. Believable, yes, but when the cyclist clearly wasn't injured and his bike wasn't damaged wouldn't a more appropriate course of action be to take the driver's shift number and lodge a complaint. Particularly when the tubes were on strike.


ELLIE said...

what a dick.

i wrote a post along a similiar vein ... ages ago.  A Frenchie arguing with the bus driver and busful of commuters delayed and finally forced to vacate the brawling bus.

Harriet said...

<span><span>Most suprising after I stood there for some time was that none of us made any fuss about it! English reserve!</span></span>