Friday, 18 June 2010


A couple are fighting, walking down the side of H&M of Oxford Circus on opposite sides of the pavement. She is shrieking and he is as far away from her as possible. She stops, screams and runs off back to Oxford Street. He runs after her.

I turn the corner expecting him to have wrestled her to the ground. Instead, she is crying and screaming. She turns and leans her head on her arm up against the bus shelter. Weeping in great dramatic sobs. He punches himself in the face. Chucks his bag and then stands in front of a bus hoping it will run him down. It doesn't.

A crowd of people have formed an audience, pressed up against the windows of BHS. Car crash relationship. People just love to rubberneck. I take one last look - her long hair is a wild tangle around her face and shoulders, her eyes are wet and her mouth is contorted in a silent howl. I move away, it is too much of a drama, too theatrical and too painful to watch.


Jennifer Morrison said...

Ouch that is too painful!  Just wanted to mention (I think for the first time) that I really enjoy checking in on your blog.  I love the snapshots you create with your words.  From a fellow city eavesdropper.

Harriet said...

Thanks! It persistently astounds me what I see in the city on the way to and from work!

Jennifer Morrison said...

No kidding!  It's a never ending source.