Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Feeling Hot Hot HOT

Bed was hot
Bath was cool
Fat rain was hot
Bus was hot
Train to Liverpool Street was hot
Bus was hot
Train to Peckham was cool (air con)
Building was hot
Office was hot
Meeting was hot
Cafe was hot
Afternoon in the office was hotter
Commute home was hot
House was hot
Dusk cooled
But not enough for a cool night's sleep.


scottsabode said...

I never expected all this HEAT when I came to England!

Harriet said...

Its a heatwave! That's for sure, all my grass is brown like my Oklahoman granny's always was!

ellie said...

You had an Oklahoman granny??????

And I was going to say, 'You're hot!'

Harriet said...

Yup, my dad is from Oklahoma, his mother had a huge yard that was always full of brown grass and a line of trees. She didn't like to let anything else grow! POtentially nothing much would - got to 110 degrees quite often.