Saturday, 6 February 2010


Not real kissing, but air kissing. Mwah mwah. I don't think I'm prudy. Normally. But when did it become acceptable for work colleagues to kiss hello?

Visiting a partner organisation, standing at the door shaking hands with the person who we had met with, when the director (who I have had a working relationship with for 4 years) arrived and cheek kissed hello. In front of my boss. I was concerned that it would seem inappropriate. Uncomfortable.

Once, a colleague (and I can't remember who it was becuase I have blanked it out of my memory) came forward to cheek kiss me and because I wasn't expecting it I turned my head and the kiss landed on my mouth. !! Now that was uncomfortable. Its all such a minefield - never sure whether this is a kisser, handshaker or helloer. Get it wrong and its all so cringey.

I'm reminded of a meeting with a particular gentleman at Finsbury Park Partnership. We shook hands. I was shocked at how cold he was, and commented on the temperature of his hand (big mistake). But a warm heart, he retorted. When I got back from the meeting, I could never shake off the teasing of anyone who overheard (and that happened to be everyone).

Perhaps kissing should be added to the gift register along with more physical gifts and lunches paid for by partners. Wouldn't want it to be miscontrued as a sign of a more favourable relationship. You can let it happen but must delcare that it happened...

Cioa, mwah, mwah.


Blue Witch said...

I share your pain.

I recently started working in a new-to-me school.  Every time I go in the Head, a woman of around 60, but dressing like she's 30, and definitely with rather too much Botox and foundation, insists on kissing me.  It makes me feel so uncomfortable that I'm almost at the point of refusing to work there any more.  Plus I have to keep wiping her lipstick off my cheek.

harriet said...

Its off-putting thats for sure. And lipstick left behind is yukki.