Friday, 21 March 2008

The List

I've got two weeks off work, I'm staying at home, I set out a wish list of jobs to get done in the house.

Number one: paint the wardrobe.
New bedroom, new colour scheme. Well I say new, but I've been here for a year and 5 months now and still haven't got round to painting the wardrobe to match. Because it was a pending job I didn't bother emptying the wardrobe boxes that the contents came to the new house in. So there are two ways forward: a. paint the wardrobe and put everything into it, and b. chuck out everything that I haven't taken out of the wardrobe boxes - having not used them for a year and a half I clearly don't need them, thereby creating extra space in said wardrobe for new stuff.
Today I sanded and painted the wardrobe. Tomorrow I might chuck some stuff out (take it to the charity shop).

Number two: the ongoing battle Harriet vs Bluebottles
I thought it had subsided but they are back with a vengence the last few days. I've got more of those vapona window stickers - practically every window now. I'm tempted to put them on the glass lights they are attracted to in the evenings. I've also considerd getting one of those fly zapping things. I might need some powder or something to put through the floorboards. I don't quite feel like I'm winning yet. Its a bloody battle, if I were George Bush I'd be feeling like it was a raging success - very few casualties on my side (well none to be precise) - loads on the enemy side though.

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