Thursday, 27 March 2008


Left home at 12.00 to go to Finsbury Park (about 30min bus ride), traffic was terrible, it transpired there had been a stabbing in Stamford Hill and all the buses were diverted, nobody seemed to know what was going on, huge crowds at each bus stop. Took the tube one stop instead. Had lunch with boyfiend in Finsbury Park. As went to go into college was directed away from the front door round the back where we slipped in the back entrance. Boyfiend then started texting me that riot police were swarming all over the neighbourhood, some had been using a battering ram to break into a premises on Seven Sisters road next to the off licence. Students trickling into class reported police all over the place, no buses, diverted traffic, people watching from doorways. Later in the hour between the afternoon class (dropping in) and the evening class we went to a local cafe who said that the owner of the cafe opposite had been splayed over his counter and arrested, the glass over his fridge smashed and all his customers handcuffed and taken away. Police were handing out leaflets in arabic and english saying they had been working on intelligence about mobile phone theft rings that had been smashed this afternoon. All happening!

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