Sunday, 15 October 2006


A mouse has moved in. I was sitting chatting to Pops during Prime Suspect when I saw it casually running up the centre of the kitchen floor and then dart under the cooker when I pointed at it. We moved stuff - cooker, deckchairs, gardening tool rack, swept (tell tale droppings) but didn't see the mouse. I lost faith in my vision and we decided perhaps it was just a peripheral shadow. A little while later I saw him again creeping out from the cooker. And later still darting across behind the TV. I don't think he's been there long - I would have seen him before.

We'd like to evict him, but we're not sure how. Cat - would be good but we haven't got one. The ones we used to have were notoriously poor mousers, infact they were terrible at catching anything (pampered, well fed and lazy). Traps - just worried about the types at work which they fill with poison and the critters die under the floors and stink but can't be found. Sonic plug-ins - I've heard about them but don't know where to get them.

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