Sunday, 30 October 2005

Summer Time Ends

The fall-back extra hour gives us light in the morning but brings the dark prematurely. Going out at 5.00 feels like 7.00pm. Struggling to overcome that hibernation urge to snuggle deep into the duvet with the curtains drawn and a mug of hot chocolate. Outside feels slightly dazed.

The cellophane of several bunches of flowers pinned to the fence of Finsbury Park (marking the site of a death) persists long after the flowers have died and fallen out of their wrappers. A shadow of their former remembrance but still vaguely visible. Close by a lone purple flowered weed grows from a crack in the tarmac of the pavement. A man holds his toddler close to his chest under his sweatshirt which is stretched over both of them for warmth.

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