Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Morning Flirt

The man, well boy(ish) face on a body which had been concentrating on upperbody workout in the gym, was wearing cream slacks and a black tee-shirt. He was giving the eye to the woman opposite him (both on the lean-against buffers on the tube). He had one arm outstretched holding the pole high, good for flexing the muscle that had purposefully been developed in the bicep. He stared hard at her, with the flicker of a smile on his face. She had auburn locks and a jean-jacket but was old. Now I don't mean that in the manner a youth would (30 passed her by a long time ago), she was middle aged, her eyes had crows feet which never smoothed out, and the greys were showing in her roots. She never noticed his intense gaze. Which was a shame, I think she'd have liked it.

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