Friday, 13 July 2007

Handle Etiquette

Crowded tubes. Everybody needs to hold on. While holding on there are some difficult handle-politics to master in order to overcome those awkward moments when stranger's hands touch (not in a good way).
  1. Try not to lean on the vertical handrails - it's uncomfotable for short people to dangle off the overhead bar, if they can even reach it, and annoying if they rely on bodies around them to hold them up.
  2. When holding the handle don't let your hand slip down - it may land on someone else's - acute embarrassment.
  3. Choose a place on the pole when you first get on and stick to it. If you shift position while someone else takes an opportunity to turn the page, you risk them grabbing your hand when they reach back for their spot - acute embarrassment again.
  4. Order of hands on the pole should go in height order to promote maximum comfort for each holder-on.

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