Saturday, 25 August 2018


Six years ago I got two cats from a litter of my friend’s aunt. To catch the mice we were having trouble eradicating (didn’t take them long to do the job). There was Philomena, and her brother Leopold. He was fluffy tabby and a little podgy when he was younger. Recently he suffered with anaemia, weight loss, overheating, dehydration and last week we had to have him put down. I feel guilty that we couldn’t keep him healthy. And we miss him.


D. A. Meister said...

Where have you gone? March 2018--last blog post. Hmmmmm. I haven't checked in a long time so I guess it serves me right that you've vanished.

Unknown said...

Hey - Guilty. You are the second person who said that to me - I should come back. It takes a while for the readers to miss me!!